Piece per week

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Piece Per Week is a 10 week marathon of fresh ideas and innovative design by Groupa Studio. They go through drawers, sketches, experiments, materials, shapes, planning, executing, shooting, pricing and finally the finished product, furniture or some other designed object.


Titi Freak @ OneThirty3

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Onethirty3 – Artists Installation Space will host six innovative and exciting installations a year, Titi Freak, brazilian artist, is showing his work now. The invited artists will create site-specific art installations which will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to experience large scale examples of the best in underground art from around the world. The warehouse studio space of OneThirty3 provides artists the freedom to create and express themselves without the pressures of ‘selling work’ in a gallery setting.


Kafka’s Jacket-book cover

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Peter Mendelsund have designed jacket-book covers for Kafka’s book. He says: “So, as you can see, I’ve gone with eyes here (not the first or last time I will use an eye as a device on a jacket-book covers are, after all, faces, both literally and figuratively, of the books they wrap). I find eyes, taken in the singular, create intimacy, and in the plural instill paranoia. This seemed a good combo for Kafka- who is so very adept at the portrayal of the individual, as well as the portrayal of the persecution of the individual.”


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Playbutton pairs the concept of a great album with the classic button pin for the perfect wearable way to listen to music. The front of the button typically features artwork, keeping the album cover relevant while making it easier for bands to distribute and promote their music in a tangible way



Chocolat Factory

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The brand’s strength lies largely in its graphic identity. Chocolat Factory has created a highly defined line that clearly identifies the company’s products, differentiating them from their most direct competitors. “When we first launched the company, we realised that no one had used design in the sector as yet, so that formed the base of the business: chocolate and design.”



Exhibition magazine

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In a unique approach to publishing, a new luxury magazine Exhibition will publish one issue a year, focusing on just a single topic. For the premiere issue, lipstick will be covered at depth. 140 pages of artsy photoography and interviews.

Phosphorescence eyewear

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Phosphorescence is an arena for eyewear to be created through collaboration. For them, glasses are an extension of one’s personality, the brand thus invites designers, artists, architects, musicians …. to create a model using their own sensibility. This season, it’s time for Erin Wasson, Kim Gordon, Opening Cermony, No Age and Rockers NYC to engage in the exercise.



As The Hyde Tube, Motionographer is also a video database that allows you to see the work of many different directors and people that are developing new and fresh ideas.

The main difference between those two examples and other video websites like Youtube and Vimeo, is that both showcase works from and for specialists.