Yoshitomo Nara

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Yoshitomo Nara, nascido em 1959, é um artista japonês. Ele iniciou sua trajetória durante o movimento da Pop Art japonesa no anos 90. A maioria do seus trabalhos lembram animações infantis, mas essas crianças que são aparentemente fofas e vulneráveis, muitas vezes carregam armas e facas.

Yoshitomo Nara, born in 1959, is a Japanese artist. He first came to the fore of the art world during Japan’s Pop art movement in the 1990s. Most of his works have cartoonish lines, but these children, who appear at first to be cute and even vulnerable, sometimes brandish weapons like knives and saws.


Sugamo Shinkin Ban

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Depois de fazer o design das agencias do Sugamo Shinkin Bank em Tokiwadai e Niiza (que já comentamos aqui) o escritorio de arquitetura francês Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture  fez o design de mais uma agencia agora em Shimura, seguindo o mesmo principio de ser colorida, divertida e que não lembra nada a caretice dos bancos comuns. (via dezeen)

After designing the branchs of Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokiwadai and Niiza (see the post here) Tokyo-based french architect office Emmanuelle Moureaux Architects designed one more branch, now in Shimura, maintaining the same principles of being fun, coloured and very different from usual bank atmospheres. (via dezeen)

Transparent Collection by Nendo

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In this collection of transparent furniture by Japanese designers Nendo, the chair is made from polyurethane film and it seems to consist of nothing but a backrest and armrests. It wraps and supports the body like a hammock, providing a light, floating feeling for the sitter. (via dezeen)

Lomo for Japan

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When conceived, these cameras were meant to commemorate Japan’s Golden Week, a time for celebrating Japanese culture and taking a well-earned rest from work. Now, the cameras have taken on a whole new meaning; they have become a way to help a community with a lot of work ahead of them. With the purchase of this camera you contribute to the donation of EUR 20.000 to the Red Cross Relief Japan. You can pre-order the cameras in the Lomo Online Shop.

The Love Land Invaders

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The Love Land Invaders is a Germany based project by Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace and was shot in Japan’s decorated love hotel rooms. It express an idea of “luxurious pop”. The collection consists of masks, glasses, shields, armory, jewelry, customized clothes and ribbons inspired by these quirky and marvelous rooms with their playful visual lust.


Setouchi Art Festival restaurant

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German artist Tobias Rehberger has renovated a vacant house on the island of Teshima in Japan to create a restaurant which was opened at the Setouchi Art Festival called  “Was du liebst, bring ich auch zum weinen” (What You Love also Makes You Cry).

Sugamo Shinkin Bank

At first this building might seem a modern school or a design agency, but it is actually a bank. Located in Tokio, it has a fresh and happy look. The building was inspired by the brand philosophy “we take pleasure in serving happy customers”. The space is full of trees, plants and windows. Colored furniture and coffee shop gives a final touch of creativity.

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