“Space Oddity” for kids

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A música “Space Oddity” do David Bowie virou livro infantil pelas mãos do ilustrador Andrew Kolb. Download gratuito aqui.

David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” became a book for kids by designer Andrew Kolb. Free download here





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kiko+ é uma marca japonesa que acredita em “arvores se conectam com crianças, crianças se conectam com brincadeiras, brincadeiras se conectam com arte”. Essas sandalias-brincadeira, por exemplo, vêem com pegadas divertidas em forma de pegadas de gato, coruja ou macaco.

kiko+ is a japanese brand that believe that “trees meets kids, kids meets play, play meets art”. These playful sandals, for example, comes with funny footprints like cat, owl and monkey.

Lego wall

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O Café Boobah no Brooklyn, NY, fez do seu espaço para crianças uma sala forrada de Lego nas paredes.

Brooklyn’s Café Boobah designed its kids’ room with Lego Duplo panels on the walls.

Tellus Nursery School

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Called Tellus Nursery School, Stockholm, Sweden, the kidney-shaped building curls around a courtyard sheltering the main entrance. The organic layout encourages movement as space becomes continuous and creates both exterior and interior rooms of challenging shapes.

Peekaboo Forest app

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A new app for kids, Peekaboo Forest, brings the storybook quality of illustrator Charley Harper to the small screen. Constructed around the passing of seasons, the narrative features animals emerging from the bush and hiding in the dark of night, delighting toddlers with its roster of real animal sounds and interactive technology. Children can control the animal motion—a weasel’s tail wag, or a bee buzzing among blooming wildflowers—with a light tap.