Skull chair

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O studio francês Pool transformou a cadeira mais comum de todas em objeto diferenciado e nada óbvio. Com o nome de  “souviens toi que tu vas mourir” (lembre-se de que você irá morrer) é conceitual, simples e forte ao mesmo tempo.

This reinterpretation of the ubiquitous monoblock chair is called “souviens toi que tu vas mourir” (Remember that you will die). The white plastic chair shaped like a skull was designed by French studio Pool and is part of the Nouvelle Vague exhibition of French design in Milan Design Fair this week. 

(via dezeen)


Fierce Festival

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FIERCE FESTIVAL is a Birmingham live art festival that returns after a break with new young curators. This year the programming combines subtle interventions in experience of public space. From Tuesday 22nd – Sunday 27th March there are six days of shows, events, parties and installations across the city.

The Poster Boy

Those who just put themselves closer to the idealized vision of art can only create ephemeral images.

A true artist can’t neglect the logic, structure and order. A true artist must keep himself (herself) in the lead of their true talent development.

The Poster Boy is a street artist that had develop his art of cutting and pasting, slicing right through New York’s murky underground to alter its advertisements.His work can be categorized as an anti-media art. A way to produce political and social art for the masses.


Arte na Faixa

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The city of Curitiba (Brazil) has the project Arte na Faixa (Art in the Pedestrian Lane) that invites artists to ilustrate the streets. The aim is to attract pedestrians to cross the street in the right place

Shepard Fairey

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Shepard Fairey is a designer and grafitti artist that became very famous after  his volunteer work to promote Obama during the election. His posters were  widely spread and celebrated. He has always had a political attitude in his  works, with active and provocative speech.