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TOYKIO Gallery & Coffee é a nova loja física que a webstore que vende toys e arte acaba de inaugurar em Dusseldorf. A decoração é toda permeada por obras do artistas e rua e ilustradores mais conhecidos dos dias de hoje como BanksyJRMark Ryden e Shepard Fairey

TOYKIO Gallery & Coffee is the new physical store that the toy and art webstore just opened in Dusseldorf.  The interior is full of art work from the best street art names and illustrators like BanksyJRMark Ryden and Shepard Fairey

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Sugamo Shinkin Ban

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Depois de fazer o design das agencias do Sugamo Shinkin Bank em Tokiwadai e Niiza (que já comentamos aqui) o escritorio de arquitetura francês Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture  fez o design de mais uma agencia agora em Shimura, seguindo o mesmo principio de ser colorida, divertida e que não lembra nada a caretice dos bancos comuns. (via dezeen)

After designing the branchs of Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokiwadai and Niiza (see the post here) Tokyo-based french architect office Emmanuelle Moureaux Architects designed one more branch, now in Shimura, maintaining the same principles of being fun, coloured and very different from usual bank atmospheres. (via dezeen)

Tron at collete

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To mark the release of TRON: Legacy in France Disney unveils the film’s futuristic universe at colette from January 3rd to 15th. From fashion to high-tech products, designers and artists interpretated the film atmosphere in 3-D glasses, mouses, headphones, iPod doc, clothes, shoes, etc.

Triple-Major Beijing

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In Beijing Triple-Major is an avant-garde fashion store and exhibition space. The eponymous shop is “disguised as a traditional Chinese medicine clinic” but will carry “avant-garde designs from international talents as an antidote to mainstream fashion’s erosion of individuality.” On entering the store customers are greeted by a model of the human body showing acupunctures points and apothecary chests, alongside contemporary designs on white steel hangers.

Derek Lam and eBay

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American fashion designer Derek Lam joined eBay for a exclusive move. During the New York Fashion Week in february 2011 Derek Lam’s collection will be judge by webusers and the top looks will go straight to eBay to be sold with lower costs

D’Expresso NY

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The new D’Espresso on Madison Avenue in New York has a fun design by the Manhattan-based nemaworshop, a team of designers and architects that has created numerous cool retail and hospitality concepts. The idea is a coffee shop that looks like a library.

C&A Flagship Store

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C&A launched it’s first flagship store in Brazil. The store is much more into the fast fashion world. It has corners for exclusive collections made by well known designers and fashion stylists to help consumers.