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StickyGram transforma fotos de Instagram em imãs. É só mandar as fotos e pagar US$14,99 que eles enviam por correios em aproximadamente uma semana.

StickyGram turns your Instagram images into little magnets. You just send them the pictures, pay $14,99 and then in one week magnet come by mail.


Awesome People Hanging Out Together

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Awesome People Hanging Out Together. Quando pessoas legais de encontram e alguém tem a sorte de registrar esses momentos históricos.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together. When cool people meet up and someone is luck enough to photograph these historical moments.


Brutus re-launching

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A lendária marca de camisas e calças dos anos 60s Brutus está sendo relançada depois de ter sido a preferida de mods, punks, skinheads e suedeheads no passado. Camisas como as Brutus ‘Trimfit’ estão sendo refeitas nos mesmos moldes do modelo de 1966.

Legendary 60s brand Brutus is being re-launched  after have appealed numerous mods, punks, skinheads and suedeheads back in time. Shirts like Brutus ‘Trimfit’ are being recreated as it was back in 1966 .

(via AnOther Mag)

Flying Junction: Vintage Subway Signs

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Flying Junction has vintage subway signs and bus scrolls for home décor.  The signs are inspired by the old school rollsigns and scrolls of the 1900s and evoke a feeling of nostalgia.  Flying Junction prints these signs on recycled canvas and paper with soy inks so there is low environmental impact and an authentic feel.

(via cool hunter)

Vintage cassette tape inserts

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Bruce Jamieson from design firm I Love Dust found vintage cassette tape inserts  from the 1970s and 80s. The collection includes covers from Happy Sound, Bonsonic, Philips, BASF, WHSmith, Emitape, AGFA, TDK and a grip of others.


American Pioneers of Color

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American Pioneers of Color is an exhibition of vintage prints by Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz, and William Eggleston, who were among the first wave of photographers to explore the saturated colors of new processes available in their time. That not only offers work from a new era but also presents a look at a transitional time in America. While Shore and Meyerowitz shot street scenes and still lifes with large format cameras, Eggleston pursued his everyday subjects with a 35mm camera.